4003 Monoformat sealer with flap closure


  • Side guides that hold the box and drag it, allowing more autonomy to the operator.

  • It has a crank to adjust the width and height of the box manually.

  • Double side pressure rollers to keep the seal tight.

  • Seal the top and bottom of the box easily.

  • Production by series.

  • Adjustable table height.

  • It has an emergency stop button.

  • Possibility of using a seal printed with the company logo.

  • Taping head with maximum reliability.

  • Embeddable in an automated line.

  • Internal motor protected against shocks.

  • Plexiglass protection to be able to see inside the machine.


Semi-automatic machine for closing boxes with adhesive tape. Manually adjustable box format to work with long series of the same product. The fixed format solution with automatic closure of the top flaps.


Manual adjustment of the box size.

Automatic flap closure device.


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