4000 Monoformat sealer with lateral feed


  • Side guides that hold the box and drag it, allowing more autonomy to the operator.

  • It has a crank to adjust the width and height of the box manually.

  • Double side pressure rollers to keep the seal tight.

  • Seal the top and bottom of the box easily.

  • Production by series.

  • Adjustable table height.

  • It has an emergency stop button.

  • Possibility of using a seal printed with the company logo.

  • Taping head with maximum reliability.

  • Embeddable in an automated line.


Semi-automatic machine for closing boxes with seal. Manually adjustable box format to work with long series of the same product. The ideal sealer for low height boxes.


Side-pull belts advance the box automatically.

Removable taping head for easy repairs.


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