Reisopack, Solutions for packaging, has once again sponsored the t-shirts with which parents, teachers and students of the Center d’Estudis Mollet have raised more than € 3,000 for the Barcelona Magic Line solidarity mobilization organized by San Juan de Dios

The Center d’Estudis Mollet participated last Sunday, March 5, in the Barcelona Magic Line (BML), the Solidarity Walk of Sant Joan de Déu in favor of the most vulnerable people. Two teams made up of some 70 fathers, mothers, teachers and students from the Center d’Estudis Mollet have set themselves a solidarity challenge: to raise € 3,000 to donate to the Obra Social de Sant Joan de Déu, which is the one organized by the BML. To achieve this, a t-shirt has been designed, sponsored by REISOPACK, Solutions for packaging, which has been worn by 70 runners. On the back of this shirt there are boxes where all those who have wanted to participate by donating one euro have been able to sign. Thus, the 70 runners or walkers have represented a total of 1,700 people in solidarity with this beautiful initiative.

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