The objective pursued with our service plan is to reduce shutdowns at your production plant to almost zero.

REISOPACK services

Engineering projects

REISOPACK has a technical team dedicated to studying and satisfying the needs of industries in different sectors of activity, adapting the design of the machines to the customer’s requirements.

Our strapping machines are designed to be inserted into automated production systems.

We develop complete lines integrating, according to need, weighers, conveyors, labellers, strapping machines, wrappers, shrink wrappers, palletizers, tiers, sealers, wrappers, etc …

Our commercial division has a wide range of complementary machines to solve any problem related to packaging.

Thirty years of packaging experience

Technical assistance

We support our distributors by training them both on a technical and commercial level, so that they have the knowledge to offer each customer a solution according to their needs.

We define the commercial objectives together with our representatives and we value any suggestion they give us, with the aim of improving their work and offering the client an impeccable service. Likewise, we offer ourselves, whenever necessary, to collaborate in the technical-commercial task.

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