Reisopack is a new member of the PMA, the Produce Marketing Association. This North American association encompasses companies within the supply chain of the fruit and vegetable sector and also of the floral sector. Reisopack, as the main manufacturer of strapping machines for fruit pallets throughout the world, understands that it is convenient to join this organization in order to help modernize the pallet strapping system in the United States.

The PMA was formed at the National Prepackaging Conference on October 24, 1949 in New York. The goal was to revolutionize the manufacturing industry through networking and educational opportunities. In 1958 the organization moved from New York to Newark and in 1970 the name was changed to the current PMA. After more than 65 years of service, PMA also has a subsidiary in Australia & New Zealand and continues to help its members improve the performance of their businesses.

The opportunities generated by this relationship between Reisopack and PMA are expected to crystallize in the medium term, in accordance with the company’s strategic internationalization plan. This ambitious international project wants to consolidate Reisopack among the three best manufacturers of strapping machines for pallets worldwide, in addition to leading the world market for the manufacture of strapping machines for fruit pallets.

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