ErgoPack Strapping Machines

725E Ergonomic vertical strapping machine with chain lance


  • Strapping is done without the operator having to bend over.

  • Needs only one person and from only one side of the pallet.

  • It has no cables or compressed air. The machine is always ready to work.

  • It allows strapping pallets lengthways and widthways in parallel and crosswise.

  • Integrated ergonomic handles for comfortable handling.

  • Ebonite wheels for light maneuverability even on uneven floors.

  • Round edges for greater safety at work.

  • Integrated cutter to cut the strap easily and safely.

  • Quick adjustment of the pallet width from 1000 to 2400 mm with automatic closing clamp.

  • Automatic strap lift to raise the second end of the strap to the working height.


Vertical strapping machine with chain lance system. It avoids efforts to the worker and reduces health problems, time and effort. This strapping machine prevents the operator from having to bend over and walk to the other side of the pallet. The sum of these effort savings translates into fewer sick leaves and more strapped pallets in the same time.


With ErgoPack the worker avoids bending over and turning the pallet.

The chain lance brings the strap closer to the operator's hand.


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