ErgoPack Strapping Machines

725-580 Ergonomic strapping machine for elevated pallets


  • Floating chain lance for strapping pallets on conveyor belts, lifting tables and all kinds of trolleys.

  • The operation is performed with a single person and without the need to bend over or walk around the pallet.

  • Triplex tool-lift for ergonomically strapping low pallets.

  • It allows strapping pallets lengthways and widthways in parallel and crosswise.

  • Only 80 mm of clearance from the ground is needed.

  • Special tear-proof and highly wear-resistant plastic.

  • Robust steel frame with KTL coating.

  • Round edges for greater safety at work.

  • Integrated cutter to cut the strap easily and safely.

  • Quick adjustment of the pallet width by automatic sensor.


Ergonomic strapping machine for semi-automatic strapping of pallets. The floating chain lance system allows strapping of trolleys, pallets on conveyor belts and any load raised above ground level. You can memorize up to 5 different heights. The worker does not need to bend over or walk around the pallet.


Floating chain lance for strapping elevated pallets.

Triplex tool-lift for easy strapping of low pallets.


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