Tying machines

6800 Elastic thread tying machine


  • Tying of boxes, electrical cables (in rolls or groups), profiles, moldings, newspapers, magazines and various pieces.

  • Special binding machine for long products.

  • Use elastic threads of different diameters, and / or synthetic thread.

  • Possibility of starting the cycle by pedal or lever on the table.

  • For agricultural use there is the possibility of using a weight indicator for bundles of vegetables. This line can be fully automatic for high productions.

  • The knot it uses is the sliding one.

  • Comfortable to move due to its rotating wheels.


The most effective tying system for bundles and small diameter products. This machine allows to tie any type of product in a stable way adapting to the shapes of the package.


Slip knot detail

The operator pushes the thread to start the cycle


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