Horizontal wrappers

3205 Automatic horizontal wrapper


  • Different configurable wrap cycles.

  • Drag by motorized belt in input and output.

  • Touch screen control using icons.

  • Lateral guides in entrance and exit to center products of different widths.

  • Available in different ring sizes depending on the size of the product.

  • Pneumatic clamps to stabilize the inlet and outlet load.

  • Reel holder with roller with direct braking to guarantee optimal use of the film.

  • Chuck with coil anti-detachment system.

  • Replacement of the coil without the use of tools.

  • Top quality European technology.

  • Immediate stop in case of opening of the protections.

  • Rotating ring of great solidity and reliability of the rotation movement.

  • Automatic clamping and cutting system for a complete automation of the wrapping.


Fully automatic baler with rotating ring. Machine for automatic spiral wrapping with stretch film. Easy to program thanks to its color touch screen with icon system and memorizable programs. It does not need operator intervention, both in advance and in cutting, with start of cycle by photocell.


Side guides to optimally center products of different widths equipped with idler rollers to avoid friction.

Safety device for stopping the machine in case of opening of the protections.


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