Horizontal wrappers

3200 Horizontal wrapper with manual feed


  • Available in different ring sizes.

  • Work table with manual product advance.

  • Easily adjustable working height.

  • Cycle start by foot control.

  • Reel holder with locking system with quick release of the reel.

  • Clamp system to hold the stretch film and automatic cutting.

  • It allows programming the number of laps to be performed with one press of the pedal.

  • Rotation speed adjustable with potentiometer.

  • Top quality European technology.


Rotary ring baler for wrapping elongated products. Compatible with products of any shape and size that do not exceed the maximum limits of the ring. Manual product advance with footswitch start of the baling cycle. Robust and versatile machine that solves numerous packaging needs.


It incorporates an automatic clamping and cutting system for the stretch film.

Cycle start with pedal button.


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