Semi-automatic wrappers for pallets

3005 Pallet wrapper with pre-stretch film


  • Reel trolley with 250% film pre-stretching.

  • Rotation speed adjustable from the control panel.

  • Stop in phase at the same starting location.

  • Progressive start system to avoid load drops.

  • Photocell load height detector.

  • JOG control panel with color screen for selection by icons.

  • Trolley stopping device in case of accidental fall.

  • Useful height up to 2200 mm.

  • Introduction of front and rear forks.

  • Swivel base of 1650 mm in diameter.

  • Maximum pallet dimensions of 1100 x 1200 mm.

  • Platform for maximum weight 2000 Kg.

  • Introduction of front and rear forks.


Pallet wrapper equipped with film pre-stretching system to ensure unstable loads and save packaging material. This turntable wrapper has a color display with icons, controllable with a JOG. The most complete machine in its range.


Reel trolley with 250% motorized film pre-stretch.

The best-selling wrapper for wrapping light or unstable loads.


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