Semi-automatic wrappers for pallets

3000 Pallet wrapper


  • Adjustable turning speed from the control panel.

  • Stop in phase for a correct alignment of the load.

  • Reading the load height by photocell.

  • Control panel with digital buttons to regulate the parameters.

  • Trolley stopping device in case of accidental fall.

  • Safety stop at the base of the trolley.

  • Different wrap cycles available.

  • Compatible with 1200 x 800 mm pallets.

  • Platform for maximum weight 1200 Kg.

  • Respect for safety distances between fixed and moving parts.


The semi-automatic pallet wrapper with stretch film is a highly modular machine with high standardization of components, allowing its functionality to be adapted to the needs of each company. This pallet wrapper is simple to use, economical and effective, an ideal wrapping solution.


Control panel with microprocessor and digital buttons to regulate and select the following wrapping parameters

The system for securing the film to the platform allows the cycle to start quickly.


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