Automatic strapping machines for pallets

2915 Automatic horizontal strapping machine with corner setter and movable base


  • The machine automatically places the corner pieces on the pallet.

  • The strapping machine moves laterally between the different strapping stations.

  • It allows reaching a production of over 60 pallets every hour.

  • Control panel with touch screen very easy to program.

  • It allows to memorize up to 10 different strapping programs.

  • You can strap at any height from 130 mm from the ground.

  • Capable of strapping the same pallet in up to 10 different heights.

  • Allows integration in an automatic line.

  • Long equipment life and low maintenance.

  • Allows to have all the pallets pending strapping in order.

  • Compact the load before strapping.

  • Maximum time saving in pallet feeding.

  • Allows last minute manipulations in the strapping area.


The 2915 horizontal strapping machine automatically places the corner pieces on the pallet. The machine moves laterally between strapping stations, maximizing throughput and achieving very high hourly productions. It can work independently or placed at the end of several production lines.


2 machines can be installed working in tandem to increase production.

Available in high speed version for very high hourly productions.

It allows to place the corner pieces fully automatically.


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