Automatic strapping machines for pallets

2913 Automatic horizontal strapping machine with sliding base


  • The machine moves laterally between the different strapping stations.

  • Fast, reliable and quality strapping.

  • Maximum time saving in pallet feeding.

  • Easy to program thanks to its touch screen control system.

  • Ability to customize up to 10 different strapping programs.

  • Allows to have all the pallets pending strapping in order.

  • You can strap at any height from 130 mm from the ground.

  • It allows strapping up to 10 different heights the same pallet.

  • It can be integrated into an automatic line or work alone.

  • Long equipment life and low maintenance.

  • Protection and security systems.

  • Compact the load before strapping.

  • It allows reaching a production of more than 70 pallets every hour.


The 2913 pallet strapping machine is an automatic machine for horizontal strapping of palletized loads. It is equipped with a movable base that moves between the strapping stations. With this system, the working time and the performance of the machine are maximized and an orderly workspace is achieved.


Allows the installation of additional strapping stations.

Weighers can be installed at strapping stations.

The machine spends more time working by reducing entry and exit time.


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