Automatic strapping machines for pallets

2903 Automatic horizontal strapping machine for pallets


  • Fast, reliable and quality strapping.

  • Easy to program thanks to its touch screen control system.

  • Ability to customize up to 10 different strapping programs.

  • Allows strapping to be strapped at any height from 130 mm above the ground.

  • It allows strapping up to 10 different heights the same pallet.

  • Long equipment life and low maintenance.

  • Protection and security systems.

  • It can be integrated into an automatic line or work alone.

  • It allows to reach a production of more than 60 pallets every hour.

  • Compact the load before strapping.


The 2903 pallet strapping machine is an automatic machine for packing pallets with horizontal strapping. The strap is a safe, economical and ecological system for packing palletized loads. The 2903 ensures fast and fully automatic quality strapping, virtually without incident and with an extremely long service life.


This model allows strapping a wide variety of palletized loads.

Allows easy integration into fully automated lines.

The machine can even strap on the same wooden base as the pallet.


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