Automatic strapping machines for pallets

2250 High tension vertical pallet strapping machine


  • Own manufacturing and technology with top quality European components.

  • Control by 5’6 inch TFT LCD touch screen.

  • Long life REISO2200HT aluminum head.

  • Rate higher than 40 pallets / hour.

  • Retraction tensioning system to prevent the strap from breaking when working with hard pallets.

  • Visual error signaling.

  • Friction welding.

  • Does not give off heat of fusion. Compatible to work with hazardous or flammable materials.

  • Tilting head for easy maintenance.

  • Belt lance traction.

  • Allows manual pallet truck loading.

  • Smaller size.

  • Strap conductor system to avoid deformations.


Small size vertical automatic strapping machine with input for manual pallet truck. This top head strapping machine requires less space than the vertical automatic strapping machine for automated lines. This pallet strapping machine is equipped with a special friction strapping head that allows to achieve tensions of up to 300 Kg. In addition, it allows loading at ground level with a manual pallet truck, an ideal solution to have it fixed at any point in the warehouse.


Control of the machine is managed from a touch screen.

This model allows the entry of the load directly with a pallet truck.

The strapping head allows to apply a tension of up to 300 Kg.


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