Automatic strapping machines for pallets

2210 Vertical Automatic Strapping Machine with top press


  • Adjustable tension by clamp system.

  • Adjustable press up to 1,600 Kg to compress the package.

  • Launching and collection of the motorized strap.

  • Electronic control of the entire operation of tension, welding, cutting and launching of the strap.

  • Equipped with a timer for cooling the solder to improve the quality of the seal.

  • Prepared to integrate in fully automatic lines.

  • Touch screen control.

  • Double chain for dragging the press.

  • Attachment hooks for loading and unloading.

  • Roller conveyor at the bottom of the machine incorporated.


Automatic machine with press for vertical strapping of cardboard pallets. It offers an effective reduction of the pallet volume to improve transport and storage. The upper press contains the strapping head to be able to execute the entire operation in a single process and thus maintain the reduction in volume achieved.


It allows the integration of the machine in a fully automated line.

Machine available with pneumatic press up to 3,000 Kg of pressure.

This model allows compacting the load and strapping in the same operation.


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