Automatic strapping machines

1925 Automatic high speed table strapping machine


  • New improved strapping head of German design.

  • It incorporates an automatic threading system.

  • Easy access to the guides without using tools.

  • Electronic control of the voltage level.

  • The LCD control panel is reversible to operate from either side of the machine.

  • It has a pedal to start the strapping cycle.

  • The vacuum strapping ejector system prevents the machine from getting stuck when a cycle is carried out without product to be strapped.

  • Gentle mode to avoid damaging the edges of the product.

  • Hinged top plates allow easy access to the head.

  • Quick strap coil change system.

  • Automatic ejection of the excess strap when the coil is exhausted.

  • The electrical elements have been “lowered” to 24 V for greater safety.

  • Adjustable worktable height.

  • Easy movement thanks to the swivel wheels with brakes.


High speed strapping machine for high productions or packages that require a lot of strapping. High-end machine for the most demanding tasks. It has a smooth mode that does not damage the edges of the product, ideal for graphics and printed boxes. The high-tech strapping head makes the difference compared to the rest of the models.


Cycle start pedal.

Location of the coil inside the machine.


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