Automatic strapping machines

1920 Automatic table strapping machine


  • The strapping head is compact and highly durable.

  • Automatic rethreading system in case of threading error.

  • It has an automatic threading system.

  • The short threading listener prevents threading errors.

  • The voltage is controlled electronically.

  • It incorporates a vacuum strapping ejector system.

  • The coil change is done quickly and comfortably.

  • Welding is sensor controlled.

  • Automatic ejection of the excess strap once the coil is finished.

  • Easy movement thanks to the swivel wheels with brakes.

  • Allows the start of the cycle by photocell.


Automatic table strapping machine with bow. This model offers the best value for money in its category. It has the most innovative technology for strapping machines such as the automatic threading system or the vacuum strap ejector. An ideal machine for a multitude of sectors at a very competitive price.


Spool located at waist height and with quick-change system.

Equipped with wheels for easy transport.


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