Semi-automatic strapping machines

1402 Semi-automatic strapping machine for side welding


  • It allows working with products that release liquids or residues.

  • Work table with adjustable height.

  • Equipped with movable wheels with brakes for better movement.

  • Adjustable strap tension by electromagnetic clutch.

  • You can easily strap 15 packages per minute.

  • The special design makes it the ideal machine for grouping bundles with strapping.

  • Aluminum strapping head with tempered tension rollers for greater durability.

  • Very resistant machine, even in adverse environmental conditions.

  • Electronic control of the tensioning, welding, cutting and launching of the strap.

  • Easy parameter setting with potentiometers.


Table strapping machine with strap welding perpendicular to the work table. Ensures that the strapping head is not soiled by products that release liquids or residues. It has a height-adjustable work table that makes it easier to strap bundles of complicated shapes.


The work table is height adjustable and is available in two versions, with and without rollers.

The 1402 is light and comfortable to move thanks to the swivel wheels.


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