Manual strapping machines

1360 Electric hand strapping machine with battery


  • It has a touch control panel to adjust the machine.

  • Incorporates a rule alignment indicator.

  • Indicates the applied strap tension in real time.

  • The variable tensioning speed is controlled with a push button.

  • Allows you to save a favorite strapping configuration.

  • Perfectly balanced and lightweight machine.

  • Special protection of delicate parts.

  • Function to save a favorite strapping program.

  • Capable of operating in environments with 90% humidity.

  • Fast charging battery (15 – 30 minutes).


Semi-automatic electric machine for manual strapping of pallets using friction welding. It has a special design that protects the delicate parts. Balanced and lightweight model that allows the operator to work more comfortably. It has a wide tension range to be able to strap all kinds of products.


Touch screen with real time indicator of applied voltage.

Less weight and better balanced than other models.


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