Manual strapping machines

1000 Manual strapping machine for plastic strap


  • Machine of robust construction, made of steel.

  • Compatible tool for 12 and 13 mm wide strap.

  • Wide tolerance of strap thicknesses, from 0.5 to 0.9 mm.

  • Allows the use of smooth or graphite metal joints.

  • Strapping machine designed to work with polypropylene strap.

  • Very light machine, weighing only 2’7 Kg.

  • Very versatile tool, suitable for general use with medium tightening.


Fastening system with strap by means of seals, staples or metal buckles. Strapping machine with a robust, resistant and durable construction. Tool compatible with a multitude of products from different sectors, from boxes to palletized loads. Tense, crimp and cut the strap with the same tool.


Manual strapping machine for closing all types of packages regardless of their size.

Ideal for working with a strap winder carriage.


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