2021 Sliding Head Lateral Strapping Machine

The 2021 pallet strapping machine is an automatic machine for vertically strapping pallets.

Strapping is a safe, economical and ecological system for packing palletized loads.

The 2021 has a head that comes out of the machine towards the pallet, to avoid the need to reference the load to one side of the section of rollers.

flejadora lateral palets


  • Fast, reliable and quality strapping.

  • Easy to program thanks to its touch screen control system.

  • Long useful life of the equipment and little maintenance.

  • Protection and security systems.

  • Designed to be integrated into an automatic line.

  • Adjustable tension by clamp system.

  • Allows one or two vertical strapping.

  • Telescopic lance to pass the strap between the woods of the pallet.

  • Movable side head that approaches the pallet.


cabezal desplazable

The head goes out towards the pallet

lanza telescopica flejado

The lance passes the strap between the woods of the pallet

linea automatizada

Integrable in an automatic line

Machine working

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