2915 Multi-station strapping machine with corners

A high-speed strapping system with perfect placement of corners that allows a much more logical and optimized organization of the end of the line.

This strapping machine locates the corners of the pallet to position the corners perfectly.

The configuration with stations allows ordering the strapping area and carrying out manipulations in a safe and orderly manner.


  • The machine automatically places the corners on the pallet.

  • The strapping machine moves laterally between four strapping stations.

  • It allows a production of more than 60 pallets per hour to be achieved.

  • Control panel with touch screen very easy to program.

  • Allows memorizing up to 50 different strapping programs.

  • You can strap at any height from 130 mm from the ground.

  • Capable of strapping the same pallet at up to 20 different heights.

  • Long useful life of the equipment and little maintenance.

  • Allows you to have all the pallets pending strapping ordered.

  • Compact the load before strapping.

  • Maximum saving of time in the feeding of pallets.

  • Allows last-minute manipulations in the strapping area.


flejadora reisopack en almacen

Keeps the end of line tidy and productive

Colocación perfecta de cantoneras

Perfect placement of corners

La flejadora para altas producciones

The strapping machine for high productions

Machine working

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