2905 Pallet strapping machine with corners

A high-end strapping machine with perfect placement of corners that detects the corners of the pallet.

High speed model that allows to assume high productions and peaks.

The 2905 is the world’s most advanced automatic strapping machine with corner applicator.


  • Quick, reliable and quality strapping.

  • Easy to program thanks to its touch screen control system.

  • Ability to customize up to 50 different strapping programs.

  • It allows strapping at any height from 130 mm from the ground.

  • It allows strapping up to 20 different heights on the same pallet.

  • Long useful life of the equipment and little maintenance.

  • Protection and security systems.

  • It can be integrated into an automatic line or work alone.

  • It allows a production of more than 60 pallets per hour to be achieved.

  • Compact the load before strapping.

  • Place the corners automatically on the pallet.

  • Automatically detects the corners of the pallet.


Nuovo pannello di controllo touch di grandi dimensioni.

New large touch control panel.

linea automatica flejado reisopack

Allows easy integration into fully automated lines.

tecnologia crc reisopack

CRC technology for 100% well placed corners.

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