At Reisopack we have clients all over the world, but today I want to talk about one in particular.

The Dutch pepper-producing company Hoogweg Paprikakwekerijen relied on Reisopack to solve its packaging needs.

Hoogweg chose to install a 2903 strapping machine placed on the floor to strap the pallets that they manually palletize at the end of their production line.

The pepper boxes used by the Hoogweg company are both made of plastic and cardboard.

Depending on the recipient of the product, they decide to put corners previously by hand and hold them with a strap or just strap the boxes horizontally.

This company is located in Luttelgeest, in Flevoland (The Netherlands). It is just one of the thousands of Reisopack strapping machines spread all over the planet.

You can see their corporate video below. In it, the Reisopack strapping machine appears for a few moments when it makes an aerial shot of the boxing and packaging area.


hoogweg reisopack

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