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Polyester strap offers many advantages over other systems such as steel strap or polypropylene strap:



> Developed for high speed strapping machines.

> More meters per coil, which means fewer changes.

> Quick mounting system on strapping machines.


Stable packaging

> 60% more retention force than the PP strap.

> Stability against ultraviolet rays.

> Greater thermal resistance.



> Minor tolerances in width, less arc and less curvature.

> High feed rigidity even at high temperatures.

> More stable surface means less abrasion.

> Do not color.


Cost effectiveness

> Less stop means less packaging costs.

> Greater stability of the goods packed in pallets means less drops in the load.

> Price per meter more reduced.

> 100% recyclable.

Polyester strap (PET)



Polyester strap (PET)

High performance strap with greater retaining force and greater reserve in case of impacts.


> Strap width: 11 mm

> Strap thickness: 0'5 mm

> Inner coil diameter : 400 mm

> Meters per coil: 4100 m

> Elongation: 15% nominal

> Average resistance: 154 Kg

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Polyester strap (PET)

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Polyester strap (PET)
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